Prayers Hour: Worship Songs

Prayers Hour: Worship Songs

Prayer hour is a moment set aside to meditate concerning events and situations of our daily living, the vibrations of prayers and meditation can affect the condition of our heart, our whole body will respond positively when we diligently seek the face of God in our prayers. Prayer is indeed a spiritual medicine that takes away anxiety, sleep, digestion, sadness, blood pressure, and breathing. It also can influence reason and help us relate to difficult people around our environment.

Prayer is powerful because God uses it to change bad people to good, through prayers dead person had been raised to life again, blinds eyes were opened by the power of prayers, incurable wounds were healed through prayers. No man or woman can stop God from his own agenda, Daniel 4:35 when evil people gather to commit holocaust against humanity, the ruler of heaven and earth scatter them with his thunderous voice.

Prayer eventually improves outcomes in our lives, work, family, and nation in entirety. Prayers are our untapped secret power given by God our maker. Prayer Hour is a moment to thank and appreciate the good works of God in our lives'.

Prayer Hour is a moment of our intimate union with God our father, an opportunity to spend quality time with our Maker, as He speaks to us about his plans and intention for us.

Prayer is a mighty weapon at the disposal of every genuine child of God that has given his or her life to our saviour Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Regularly praying also releases the power of God's blessing into our lives and circumstances.

Prayer can change the mind of any president, prime minister, king, governor, judges or person in authority to do the will of God's mind concerning our wellbeing. Prayers are a conversation with God to change our circumstances.

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