Miracles Choruses: Spiritual Meditation

Miracles Choruses: Spiritual Meditation

Lift Up Your Spirit, What you think about regularly will eventually become your spoken words in your sub-conscious mind. The things that you regularly meditate on and speak about are the things you will do. The things that you habitually and repeatedly do all the time eventually becomes part of your life. There are two different approaches to seeing things. Many people are looking to be lucky in their life, why some people prepare themselves to attract their own luck to themselves. Anyone that is committed can rise from nothing and become head of an empire, or an organization, Consistency, Patience, perseverance are some of the attitude needed to arrive at our desired destination, or our dreams that we aspire and the things that we wish to become in life. Consider these examples of thick jungles that are full of trees, the trees started growing up, one at a time. And they grew from infancy to maturity. Collectively all the trees have now become a very big jungle. But there was a time back in the past that same jungle had a beginning when all the big trees were little trees. Today they are big trees and plants. consistently add value to your life, every waking moment of the day. Put your mind on that role model that you wish to be like. Mould your character into that role model behavior until all your action resembles that role model that you see in your mind's eyes. We must care for ourselves the way a good farmer or gardener tends to their plant by cultivating, watering the plants, trimming the tree branches and weeding the grasses. Reading more books. Learn from various authorities. Improve your mind in every direction Possible invest your money into things that improve your personality and add value to who you are in life, design your destiny with champion's attitude and personally, I think it is better to do than talk and do nothing. Author Phaya Brands Ochelebe.
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