Bible Promises Believers Songs: Believers Songs

Bible Promises Believers Songs: Believers Songs

Eternal God of the universe, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, El-shaddai,designer and orchestra-tor of activities physical and spiritual. Align us with your divine purpose of creation, give us the fortitude to take back your original mandate of living in obedience to your words.

We are bought with the blood of the lamb Jesus Christ, give us your Holy Spirit to take over the kingdom of darkness by preaching the gospel of salvation in every region of the world. Father thank you for your promises of reconciliation that includes both the Jews, Greeks and Gentiles. Release your zeal to enable us to take the gospels to the end of the earth.

Use the work of our hands and words of our mouth to transform families, communities and churches around the world. In Jesus Christ Name. Grant us your ambassadorial grace to represent your kingdom here on earth. Thank you, merciful Father, for redeeming us with the blood of your precious begotten son Jesus Christ.

Even though your plans for man to dominate the earth has become a very big contest between the agents of light and darkness, on our bended knees we pray thee to release angels of righteousness from heaven above to conquer principalities and power of darkness involved in wickedness in the world.

Give us the wisdom needed to rescue humanity under satanic bondage of sins and destruction. Remember your covenant of rainbow because our ancestor's rebel, That whole generation was wiped away with a universal flood due to disobedience. Thank you, Jehovah for birthing a new nation through your servant Noah through whom your prophet Abraham became the father of all nation.

We praise your majesty for delivering our forefathers from bondage in Egypt. We avail ourselves as instrument to establish your kingdom in the heart and souls of humanity around the globe. in Jesus Christ holy name (Isiah 52:13–53:12)

Phaya Brands Ochelebe,
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