Best Songs Of Phaya Brands: Phaya Brands Music

Best Songs Of Phaya Brands: Phaya Brands Music

Best Of Phaya Brands Music is actually a collections of Phaya Brands Ochelebe Studio Music in Songs, Phaya Brands is a Canadian Songwriter, Singer, Artist-Painter, Designer, Online to Press Freelance Writer, Poet, And Speaker From Toronto. I Love to make Music because of the unseen electrical wave connections with the human brain cells, of a truth humanity can not survive existence without music which I think is our collective heart beat of the human race.

Music is So Powerful because of the vibrations that it carries to make our heart and soul start dancing again after many obstacle have been overcome. I discovered early the unconditional love of music is untainted, my first musical instrument for prose was my voice, then longing melody makes my love for piano grows into spiritual possessions I guess it is my destiny that the guitar was made.

Listen to these various tracks with your minds open but eyes shut except if you are piloting, navigating or driving then stay focus on your priority as you enjoy the moment with soulful music that will fascinate your believe to rise above obstacle that challenges every situations in your live.

As you continue to listen-some of the tracks will trigger a sensational feelings in you. Allow the melodies to enter your blood vessels and veins,

make your heart race faster and then mellow down to hide the tears of joy bubbling in your troath.

This is my musical gift to humanity to cherish and treasure forever, to God be the glory for considering me as instrument of such historical and entertaining medium

The positive messages behind my music is the power that makes it so undeniably irresistible to the gates of the soul and mind of humanities across the globe.

Phaya Brands Ochelebe
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