Suspense, Vol. 5

Suspense, Vol. 5

Black Eye Entertainment

Suspense mixed mystery, suspicion, and dangerous adventure like no other. Featuring the biggest names in Hollywood, it stirred your nerves to offer you a precarious situation and then withhold the solution … until the last possible moment!

Conceived as a potential radio vehicle for Alfred Hitchcock to direct, Suspense was a radio series of epic proportion. It aired on CBS from 1942 to 1962, and is considered by many to be the best mystery/drama series of the golden age. Known as Radio’s Outstanding Theater of Thrills, it focused on suspenseful stories starring the biggest names in Hollywood. Early in the run, the episodes were hosted by the “Man In Black” who, from an omniscient perch, narrated stories of people thrown into dangerous or bizarre situations with plots that usually had an unseen twist or two. Hollywood’s finest actors jumped at the chance to appear on Suspense, including Cary Grant, James Stewart, Alan Ladd, Henry Fonda, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, and Orson Welles. Scripts were by John Dickson Carr, Lucille Fletcher, James Poe, Ray Bradbury, and many others. Running more than twenty years, Suspense aired nearly 1,000 radio broadcasts. Enjoy sixteen episodes from this incredible mystery series.

3/22/45 - “Heart’s Desire” with Lloyd Nolan
3/29/45 - “Taming of the Beast” with Nancy Kelly
5/3/45 - “Fear Paints a Picture” with Lana Turner
8/23/45 - “This Will Kill You” with Dane Clark
9/13/45 - “Furnished Floor” with Don DeFore
9/27/45 - “The Earth Is Made of Glass” with Joseph Cotten
10/4/45 - “Death on Highway 99” with George Murphy
11/8/45 - “The Bet” with Lee J. Cobb
11/15/45 - “Murder Off Key” with Zachery Scott
11/29/45 - “A Week Ago Wednesday” with Nancy Kelly
12/27/45 - “Pink Camellias” with Marsha Hunt
5/16/46 - “The Plan” with Claire Trevor
5/30/46 - “Leading Citizen of Pratt County” with Alan Hale
10/24/46 - “Dame Fortune” with Susan Hayward
10/31/46 - “Lazarus Walks” with Brian Donlevy
1/9/47 - “The Will to Power” with Dan Duryea

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