The Daws Butler Collection

The Daws Butler Collection

Joe Bevilacqua, Various Authors, Stan Freberg, Carol Hemmingway, Pedro Pablo Sacristán, Charles Dawson Butler, Herschel Bernardi, Shep Menken

From master voice actor Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear, comes a rare collection of radio plays, cartoon scripts, and acting tutorials.

Daws Butler's Halloween Happening by Daws Butler

A new production of the classic radio play, this ghostly story was originally written and performed by Daws Butler. Veteran voice actor Joe Bevilacqua teams up with Lorie Kellogg in this new recording, complete with music and sound effects.

Scenes from the Daws Butler Workshop

In this series, Joe Bevilacqua presents performances of several scripts Butler wrote for his 1975 acting workshops.

Rare Daws Butler by Daws Butler, Stan Freberg, Herschel Bemardi, Shep Menken, and Carol Hemmingway

Daws Butler voiced many of Stan Freberg's greatest comedy records. Here is a hilarious collection of his never-before-released comedy records.

Rare Daws Butler, Volume Two by Daws Butler

A follow-up to Rare Daws Butler, this second collection features another hour of Butler's rare comedy recordings.

Daws Butler Teaches You Dialects by Daws Butler

Voice magician Daws Butler teaches accents and dialects in this radio production. Included in his tutorials are British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Brooklyn, Hindu, German, French, and Southern.

Uncle Dunkle and Donnie by Daws Butler and Joe Bevilacqua

A collection of imaginative cartoon scripts, this series of thirty-five fables were created by Butler in the 1960s. Here his protege, Joe Bevilacqua, performs all ninety-seven characters with music and sound effects.

Uncle Dunkle and Donnie 2 by Daws Butler and Pedro Pablo Sacrista

This second collection of fables features nineteen never-before-released recordings of Daws Butler's stories, as well as two new Uncle Dunkle fables.

The Christmas That Almost Never Was by Daws Butler

It is Christmas Eve at the North Pole when Santa Claus loses his "remembery" and only a child who has been good for 365 days can save Christmas! Written and performed by Butler, this children's radio play was recorded in the 1940s.

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