Simple meditation for everyone

Simple meditation for everyone

Frédéric Garnier
Arsene Lupin: one of the most famous and intriguing figures of French detective literature. He was created by Maurice Leblanc, a brilliant journalist, writer and storyteller, and is the hero of a total of 24 books, novels and short stories alike. The fictional gentleman thief is a master of disguise, a criminal genius and a moral figure well-set in righting a few wrongs himself when Justice can't be bothered. ”The Extraordinary Life of Arsène Lupin in Prison”, as per the original title, opens with a letter from Lupin to Baron Nathan Cahorn. Lupin demands the wealthy Baron send him several of his most precious valuables, or else... he will come and take everything. But Lupin is incarcerated in the famous La Santé Prison! When the deadline comes, detective Ganimard and his men keep a keen eye on the belongings... This series of audiobooks recorded by the best storytellers recaptures all the elegance and finesse of the beloved French criminal.
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