Kindness Pencil : I Love You: Kindness Stories for kids

Kindness Pencil : I Love You: Kindness Stories for kids

Aaron Chandler

Kindness Pencil BOOK 3—celebrates the power of the words—I Love You.

While expressing love for our children is important, it is equally important to teach them to share love with others. The ability to love is an essential skill you need to teach your children at a young age.

To boost your children’s emotional intelligence, help them to understand how their loving actions affect others.

Kindness Pencil—is a special tale that will warm the hearts of readers of all ages.

In this book, little Amanda learns that love is an unconditional emotion that creates powerful bonds.

Love is an important form of emotional nutrition for the whole family, and it is something your children will carry through their lives as they grow, and teach their own families one day.

The best book for raising loving and emotionally stable children

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