Conquering Muay Thai: From Finding a Gym to Competing at the Local Level

Conquering Muay Thai: From Finding a Gym to Competing at the Local Level

Christopher Aboy
Learn the basics of Muay Thai from the successful owner of a Muay Thai gym.

Chris Aboy was bullied as a kid. When he met a neighbor who practiced a martial art, Chris knew he wanted to become a fighter. By the age of 15, he was winning every point fight he was in.

So he was overconfident the first time he fought with full contact in an unsanctioned amateur fight. He got his ass kicked. At that moment, he realized fighting is all about what’s in your head—your mentality.

Whether you want to learn Muay Thai to build confidence and fight off bullies, get fit, or just learn a new skill, you’ll learn the basics of this centuries-old martial art from an “insider” who has spent years refining his skills. Here are just some of the important topics Kru Chris reveals in Conquering Muay Thai:

•How to choose a Muay Thai instructor and gym

•What to focus on as you begin training

•Why sparring is the best way to build your skills

•What the goal should be for every Muay Thai student

(Hint: it’s not going pro!)

•How to know when you’re ready to fight

•And much more!

An audiobook produced and published by e-Audio Productions and Audiobook Release
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