The Holy Spirit's Work In Salvation

The Holy Spirit's Work In Salvation

Arthur W. Pink
In this AUDIOBOOK A. W. Pink examines the following aspects of the Holy Spirit’s work in salvation: regenerating, quickening, enlightening, convicting, comforting, drawing, and working faith. His biblical insights regarding the first (regeneration) and the last (faith) are particularly valuable today because these two areas are frequently misunderstood by modern evangelicals. Regeneration, for example, is believed by many to be the result of one’s “decision for Christ.” But as Pink shows, regeneration precedes repentance and belief. Likewise—and also unlike what many believe today—faith is not something that can be produced at will, but is a gift of God given by the Holy Spirit. It is sometimes lamented that the Holy Spirit is the “forgotten” member of the Trinity; but forgotten or not, it is always profitable to study the Spirit’s work, especially His role in salvation as presented in this wonderful Audiobook.
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