Another Case of Milton Jones, Series 4, Episode 2: Mathematician (Live)

Another Case of Milton Jones, Series 4, Episode 2: Mathematician (Live)

Milton Jones, James Cary
The man they call 'Britain's Funniest Milton' stars in his smash-hit Sony Award-winning show ”Another Case Of Milton Jones” co-starring Tom Goodman-Hill ('Humans'), Lucy Montgomery ('Down The Line') & Ben Willbond ('Horrible Histories')

In each episode, Milton is a complete and utter expert at something - Test Pilot, Mathematician, Travel Mogul, Cyclist, Miner and Weatherman - and in each episode, with absolutely no ability or competence, he plunges into a furiously funny and fast-paced adventure with utterly hilarious results.

In this episode Milton is a mathematical whizzkid who gets tied up in knots and rings trying to solve the equation of the mysteriously disappearing geniuses... Along the way, he'll be running baths, ploughing triangular fields, and trying to discover the only number bigger than itself.. So stand by your blackboards and have calculators at the ready as we test you on ”Another Case Of Milton Jones”
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