Another Case of Milton Jones, Series 2, Episode 4: Mayor of London (Live)

Another Case of Milton Jones, Series 2, Episode 4: Mayor of London (Live)

Milton Jones, James Cary
The return of the man they call 'Britain's Funniest Milton', Milton Jones stars in his smash-hit Sony Award-winning show ”Another Case Of Milton Jones”, co-starring Tom Goodman-Hill ('Humans'), Lucy Montgomery ('Down The Line') & Dave Lamb ('Come Dine With Me')

In each episode, Milton is a complete and utter expert at something - Barrister, Explorer, Championship Jockey and even Mayor of London - and in each episode, with absolutely no ability or competence, he plunges into a furiously funny and fast-faced adventure with utterly hilarious results.

In this episode, Milton is accidentally elected Mayor of London. Politics, global warming and the London Eye come together in a fast-moving plot of dastardly scheming and international peril. Will the pigeons take over London? Will the ice-caps melt? Will Cuba join in a game of International Twister? And can we save Wandsworth from destruction, and if so - why?
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